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It’s true. Many of the complications we encounter (and subsequently stress over) need not be so…complicated. Do what makes you happy  (unless you’re a super villain). It’s that simple!

– Daniel


Artists Against have banded together once again to speak out against another global issue – bullying. Covering Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”, Simple Plan, Hedley, Lights, Fefe Dobson, Kardinla Offishall, Alyssa Reid, and Walk Off The Earth have reached out using music to put a spotlight on bullying. Bullying is something that I’ve experienced myself. I was bullied throughout elementary and middle school. It sucks. It’s simple as that. Luckily, I had a loving and supportive family, and friends I could count on. But some people aren’t as lucky.

“Think of seven people you know. Just seven. At least one of them had been bullied, or is a bully. The problem of bullying and cyber bullying has reached an epidemic level amongst students around the world. Now, some of Canada’s biggest stars have decided to take a stand and make a difference. Download the song “True Colors” from iTunes, and 100% of the proceeds go to Kids Help Phone.”

Download the song on iTunes – All proceeds to Kids Help Phone:

“Strong people don’t put others down…they lift them up” – Michael P. Watson

– Daniel

Over the summer, per Gretchen Rubin, I decided to make a list of “happiness commandments”. These are a set of rules that I plan on following (and perhaps updating because you never know) for the rest of my list. A set of rules influenced by observations I’ve made throughout this incredible journey. A list of tasks that I know will undoubtedly bring happiness to my heart should it waver. In no particular order…

  1. Look to this day
  2. Keep a beginners mind
  3. Smile more
  4. Sing everyday
  5. Tell people what I really think
  6. Don’t brag
  7. Accept help from others
  8. Do it now
  9. Be “Daniel” (why hide?)
  10. Cut people some slack

WHat do you live by?

– Daniel

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~ C.S. Lewis

“Treefall” from Jason Reeve’s The Nervous Mind of Love. Fantastic music. Beautiful day. Wonderful company!

– Daniel

Things have been going very well for me! I think I’ve definitely changed as a person since starting this happiness project 8 months ago. And I don’t consider this change negative in any way.  On numerous occasions, people have commented on how much happier I’ve become. It’s a fantastic feeling (who says validation isn’t awesome?). However, I’ve unfortunately and sadly fallen out of a few friendships in my self-reflective quest for happiness, but I think that’s just a part of life.  Pictures fade. We grow up, change, and drift away from those who we shared good times with. Indeed, I think what I’ve done the most of during this incredible project has been growing. Happiness has become a byproduct of self-reflection and personal growth. And I love this feeling!

I don’t want to incessantly post. That’s unnecessary because this blog isn’t about how many people read it. It isn’t about money. It isn’t really even about being seen. It’s simply a creative way for me to express myself and document my life. Follow me on twitter or instagram! I love to share my stories and adventures.

– Daniel

I’m sore as hell from Krav Maga, which has turned into a new passion of mine! Laughing is a guaranteed cure for the blues! I had to share this with the world. For those having a bad day, give these videos a watch!


– Daniel

*embedding is disabled, but you can watch the video here…it’s a surprise! VIDEO HERE (they’re a father and son duo who make cute videos!)

“I have always believed that hope is that stubborn thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep reaching, to keep working, to keep fighting.” – President Barack Obama

Words of wisdom from a great man.

– Daniel

Read the entire transcript of his victory speech at:

– Daniel